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The ultimate business intelligence tool on Australian companies

Company360 is the most comprehensive business intelligence tool available on Australia’s top 50,000 private and public companies. Unrivalled for its depth and breadth of information, Company360 gives you access to an unprecedented 10 years of financial history & financial analysis, corporate family trees, director & executive profiles, shareholder information and more, while a dedicated team of writers keep you informed with the latest company news and developments.

Access the complete range of Company360 private and public company data and test the full range of uses from building sales and marketing lists to identifying corporate linkages and conducting peer analysis. Register your interest here to learn more.

Company360 Features:

Unrivalled coverage

Company360 is the most comprehensive company database available, with Australia’s top 50,000 private and public companies at your fingertips. Utilise this unprecedented coverage to take your sales prospecting, industry & competitor research, peer analysis and marketing strategy to a whole new level.


News & commentary

An experienced team of journalists and business writers are dedicated to providing you with the latest in news and research on the Company360 universe. In addition, access syndicated news and commentary from Australia’s highest profile business and finance journalists.



Use alerts to drive timely insight-based interactions with your customers and prospects. Company360 allows you to be notified via email upon an event related to financial disclosure, executive & director changes, or significant operational events.


Market-leading data depth

No other company database compares to Company360 for breadth and depth of information. Powered by Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial database, you can access 10 years of financial report history, corporate family trees, director & executive profiles, contact information and more.


Simple & advanced search functionality

Finding the right company is seamless and easy. Simply start typing on any screen to begin a simple company or people search. Alternatively, an advanced search enables you to curate and save a bespoke company list filtered by criteria such as industry, location, size and a multitude of other attributes.


Dashboard functionality

The new dashboard layout enhances your Company360 experience by optimising your workflow. Saved searches, companies, news, commentary and more are displayed within a single screen view.